When the color changes, the person changes…

(Inspired by “The Book of Mistakes,” by Corrina Luyken)

Messed up,

messed up again,

close it.

Throw it out, I’m done.


Messed up,

messed up again,

cover it up,

try again.


Every time it gets worse,

I haven’t even started

and people have made,


Better than I could imagine.


I make progress,

Trying harder and making things better

Better than I ever thought I could.


I’m frustrated,

until someone says,

that looks good, try again.


I see someone struggling,

I say,

that looks good, try again.


It’s coming together even better,

better and better,

until it becomes something like… perfect.


It’s unique,

bundles of ideas mixed,

I didn’t give up,

so now, it’s something like… perfect.

Once Upon a Time…

No, not the TV show (although I still love it.)


Walking on a huge yellow brick road,

A valiant team of four,

Going to the Emerald city,

In search of what they need.


What’s that little needle?

A tiny blob of blood,

Then sleep,

And more and more… sleep…


Treated badly,

Scrubbing the ashes,

But then… POOF!

She’s given a new life that she’s always wanted.


They’re all different,

but now you know,

You can always





DO NOT make that noise.

It bothers me.


Does it bother you?

I’ll keep doing it, then.

I won’t ever stop.

Not even if you threaten to to tell mom.


They push and they tug,

They pester you and yell,

Slam the door in your face,

Leaving you by yourself in the gloomy house.


Do you need help with your project?

We sit and glue pieces of paper for the whole night.

Save this seat for my sibling.

I’ll help with your homework.


With all the disputes comes with something better,

At least we have someone to have fun with,

To yell at,

To talk to.

At least we have someone who cares.

Last day!!

It’s already the last day of March, and also the last day of the March Slice of Life challenge! I’m happy to say that I’ve blogged for 31 days in a row! At first, I just wanted to try the SOL challenge, but I started really wanting to blog until the very end!

I had an orchestra all-day rehearsal today (which means I got to skip school), and it was pretty cool, but also tiring. We’ll have another all-day rehearsal tomorrow, and then later in the evening, the performance. It’s going to be pretty cool and fun as well! Middle school is playing five songs altogether, and I’m pretty sure that we’re going to do really well!

Well, the SOL challenge is finally over, and March has gone by so quickly!


Can you believe that it’s already March 30? The March Slice of Life challenge is almost over, and I’ve blogged for 30 days so far! Also, I play the violin (read my VIOLINS post), and I have an all-day orchestra rehearsal that I’m going to tomorrow, so I’m pretty excited!!

April is almost here, and the weather is definitely not acting like it. There hasn’t been much rain, and it still feels like winter! This year, winter was a complete bust. Hardly any snow until March, then taking FOREVER to warm up. Okay, weather, we’re all ready for Spring to come, so you better give it to us!

“I forgot.”

You know what I really hate? I really don’t like when I walk into a room, thinking about something else, then walk out without doing the thing that I came in to do. It’s so annoying and it actually wastes time. Especially when things are really rushed and important, and I’m thinking about those things. Then, I go somewhere else, and someone asks, “Oh, where are the books I asked you to get?” and I don’t have a response because I FORGOT!


Okay, whenever I’m at home, I glance at the clock. Let’s say that it’s 3:00. I would immediately think, “Oh, school would be over in 23 minutes!” Or, if it was 11:00, “2nd block would be ending in 35 minutes!” Instead of thinking about the actual time, I would actually think of how it correlates to the bell… Does anyone else do this?

Memes vs. gifs

This is one that I’ve been debating about for a while!

Memes are super funny and relatable, but gifs are literally moving pictures, and can be really funny! Then, there are those are those meme gif mix things, which have moving pictures and words, which are my favorite.

Memes: As mentioned above, they are super funny and relatable. Usually, memes include pretty famous pictures that are usually someone’s reaction, and can be used to express something. Memes are more common than gifs.

Gifs: Gifs are moving pictures that usually are pretty funny to watch, and include relatable things as well. There are a lot of websites made solely for gifs to go on, so gifs are pretty common, but not as much as memes.

Which do you think wins?

Winding down…

My AMAZING English teacher said that while winding down our SOL challenge, we might want to make some lists. Seeing that I haven’t many, I decided to make one…

Things I want to do:

1. Ice Skate

Seriously, I’ve never ice skated before! This is something everyone is talking about, and I’ve yet to do it!

2. Go to Busch Gardens

Everyone’s favorite place…

3. Go to Europe

Never been there! Apparently, the chocolate is really good!

4. Make homemade ice cream

Have you seen those Tasty Jr. ice cream videos?

5. Use a 3D pen




My birthday just passed, and honestly, although it was special, I didn’t think it felt the same every year.

Maybe it was with all the running around, but I feel like it felt way more different. I did get a lot of gifts, but each year, it feels more different than usual. Does anyone else feel like that? There was so much going on, that it kind of just slipped past my reach and soared into oblivion, waiting to come again, and again. The day before my birthday, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t wait. Nonetheless, it was still pretty enjoyable and simple. Maybe I’ll feel different next year!